Saturday, July 20, 2013

Google Panda and Penguin on SEO firms = FIA rules for F1 Teams = Evolution ?

Efforts SEO consultants are putting in order to improve PR and SERP position of their client's web sites are similar to those engineers in F1 teams are putting to make their cars faster, trying to comply with the new FIA rules every season.

Every F1 season there are new rules to forbid some semi-legal approach to the rules from the last year. Then teams, engineers and team leaders start looking for a way to "circumvent" these new restrictions and build the fastest and most reliable car on the grid.

Google started to issue a new algorithm update every year or so in order to guarantee search result relevancy. Right after that, SEO gurus start to modify their approach in order to stay or better their SERP position. What was once the "HIT" now gets to "do not do this" category.

eBay and sellers seem to be "dancing to the same song". In order to make your Vintage Fountain Pen listing to appear on the first page, there need to be some description changes to be done on regular basis. 

Life on the Earth. Isn't it the same that happened to the life on Earth since its birth? Constant change in environment conditions and the ability to adapt made us what we are today.

Evolution? Just Business as usual.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

eBay SEO - How to bring more visitors to eBay Auction

How to increase the traffic to my eBay listings?

Every once in a while, the average eBay seller is probably asking the same question. It's essential to have a lot of visitors if you sell high demand popular items. What you need to do is simply:
  • Create Meaningful, Keyword Rich and Attractive Description.
Most / if not all / of the traffic on eBay is direct. People come here to find and buy things they need. Some of them are looking for a specific item: brand, model and color. IF it matches your description, your listing will get an impression.

Example: if you are selling an old fountain pen you found in a drawer at your grandma's house, try to find some manufacturer sign like a logo, model etc and seek additional info. The more you know about the pen, the better you Title will be.
 Will the potential buyer will click on your item? It depends ...
  •  Price your item and shipping charge wisely.
Choose the starting price and the Buy it Now
Shipping cost

  • Take a great photos

Things are a little bit different when it comes to antiques and one of a kind collectible items.Item could sell in 2 days or in 2 years - you never know.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Most SEO advices, How to make money online blog posts = One Thousand and One Nights Fairytale?

So you want to increase the traffic to your Blog, web store or eBay auction listings?

Traffic - Is It Good or Bad?
    If you are a starting entrepreneur with small to no budget, trying to create your first online store, First thing you would probably do is to search Google. Keywords "increase traffic" return more than 360 million results. You want traffic, so to learn to bring it to your site, it's necessary to start right away.

Google First page results ...

Diving in this enormous amount of info could be really challenging. As this keywords get more searches than average, the competition is vast.

You choose a First Page Result and start reading. Whether its a To Do list, blog post, article or satisfied customers testimonials, at the end the target auction is to get you email and start the campaign. Welcome to the hook :)

A Thousand and One Nights

Most of those advices, lists, tips and "proven methods" seem to me a lot like the famous Arabian fairy tale. Subscribe to a newsletter and the daily fascinating story is guaranteed. The art of mixing a common truth with some complicated terms are the perfect bait to attract returning visitors and subscribers.

One of the possible scenarios is they are selling something: Affiliate product, e book, application etc. or just developing a high rank web site with tons of visitors to sell later.

Real winning strategies and well hidden secrets and no one is going to reveal it to the world, especially for free.

What's the right thing to do?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Build a niche store and start making money online part 2

Here is my tip #3 for successful online niche store: BELIEVE!

You should really believe in what you are doing. You should also believe in your success. If you do something just because somebody said so or inspired by a blog post or the news you are most likely to fail. Every business is different so should be yours. Do not just copy what other people have done. Create your own routine and follow it. Here's an example of vintage fountain pens online store. Browse categories and products and see what seller has done to attract buyer's attention.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Build a niche store and start making money online

Simple List How to Make Money Online:

So you want to make some money on the Internet? Plenty of blogs, web sites and forums full of lists, tips and tricks how to get rich online. Here's my list:
  1. Search and read what you think is relevant to the subject of your interest.

    SPEND a great deal of time reading. Read blog posts, comments, web sites and forums. Prepare your self with knowledge in one certain subject. Learn from other peoples mistakes and success. When will you be ready? Depends on You!
  2. Keep your focus.

    Do not get distracted by the last post or YouTube video. Keep focused on ONE subject. Even if it looks not the best one. Best ones are already occupied by the guy who started doing this 10 years ago. Find your niche and learn everything about it!

    I believe the tips posted here will help you to make a good start of your online store sales.

    Will try to update this list next week. Come back for part two.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vintage Soviet Fountain Pens web store launched

Avto Ruchka Vintage Soviet Union Fountain Pen
Vintage Fountain Pens from Soviet Union - USSR could be found on this newly launched web store. Free Shipping Worldwide option makes it easy to broaden your collection at reasonable cost. Feel free to browse the categories and see all the vintage collectibles listed for sale there. Returning customers are eligible for discount - coupon code will be posted along with items purchased. Click here for more info about creation and evolution of writing instruments.