Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Most SEO advices, How to make money online blog posts = One Thousand and One Nights Fairytale?

So you want to increase the traffic to your Blog, web store or eBay auction listings?

Traffic - Is It Good or Bad?
    If you are a starting entrepreneur with small to no budget, trying to create your first online store, First thing you would probably do is to search Google. Keywords "increase traffic" return more than 360 million results. You want traffic, so to learn to bring it to your site, it's necessary to start right away.

Google First page results ...

Diving in this enormous amount of info could be really challenging. As this keywords get more searches than average, the competition is vast.

You choose a First Page Result and start reading. Whether its a To Do list, blog post, article or satisfied customers testimonials, at the end the target auction is to get you email and start the campaign. Welcome to the hook :)

A Thousand and One Nights

Most of those advices, lists, tips and "proven methods" seem to me a lot like the famous Arabian fairy tale. Subscribe to a newsletter and the daily fascinating story is guaranteed. The art of mixing a common truth with some complicated terms are the perfect bait to attract returning visitors and subscribers.

One of the possible scenarios is they are selling something: Affiliate product, e book, application etc. or just developing a high rank web site with tons of visitors to sell later.

Real winning strategies and well hidden secrets and no one is going to reveal it to the world, especially for free.

What's the right thing to do?

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