Saturday, March 5, 2011

Delays of Postal Delivery to US continue

All sellers who post items to US probably have experienced delays of delivery.
Hundreds of unsatisfied customers are waiting for their items.
Questions like "Where's my item?" is the most common on eBay at the moment.
Here I'm posting the Bulgarian Post press release on this case:

"Extension of deadline for implementation of security measures associated with the transportation of mail for the U.S.

In addition to the message of 13.12.2010 on "Bulgarian Posts inform its customers that deliveries of shipments with weight equal to or more than 500 g (letter, parcel and EMS items) to / from the U.S. will be delayed . Delay in delivery due to repeated extensions to the application introduced by the Department of Homeland Security stepped up security measures for transportation of mail from / to USA.

It is expected that enhanced security measures to lapse after March 10, 2011, which "Bulgarian Posts" EAD will promptly notify their customers."

I think on every European post website there's a something similar.
Maybe worldwide too. Just hope vintage fountain pens I sold this week to be delivered on time:)

Waiting for your comments.

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